Matthew J. Nordgren

AGE: 34

2820 McKinnon St., #2074, Dallas, TX 75201
Direct: 214-695-2779 • Mobile: 310-795-2919

      Matthew Jason Nordgren grew up in Dallas as a hardworking businessman, a dedicated philanthropist and a skilled athlete. He is an ambitious executive who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to support key business initiatives. Nordgren spends the majority of his time in Texas with a large portion annually in California and New York consulting with a wide variety of clients in a few key sectors.  Nordgren was named the CEO of Inspired Builders (IRSB), a publicly traded REIT that specializes in residential and small commercial asset classes. Nordgren also serves as a Consultant for CS Financial, a California based independent residential and commercial mortgage brokerage firm, as well as Camden Capital Partners in a managing director role. Additionally, he is an Executive at St. Augustine Holdings Focused on capital sourcing, business development, and managing the overall state of the business that has upwards of 15 companies in its portfolio.  He is currently CEO/Founder of NORDCO Consulting LLC and a Partner and Executive with NORDCO, Inc., a Dallas based energy conservation firm. Among other things, Nordgren is a Board Member for Insurance Company of the Americas, Caplain UK Focus Growth Real Estate Fund, and the International Tower Group. While he possesses strong business and organizational skills, he also endures strong management and key leadership skills proven over many years of successful business transactions.

     Matt Nordgren is the son of George and Cinda Nordgren and brother to Gordon Nordgren. He pursued his passion for football and received his education at the University of Texas in Austin. During his first five years of football for the Texas Longhorns, Nordgren was the first person in the NCAA University of Texas Football history to graduate with two degrees in 3 ½ years. He spent the last year of his Longhorn football career in graduate school studying Business Management before heading off to play professional football. Nordgren spent a little time with the Detroit Lions before finding a home with the Philadelphia Eagles where he signed a 3-year contract with the organization before throwing arm injuries hindered growth. Once finished, Nordgren made Dallas his home and enrolled to finish his MBA at the University of Dallas.

     Nordgren has an extensive background in charity and community involvement including volunteer work for the Gilda’s Club Cancer Charity, March of Dimes, The LiveStrong Foundation, Boys and Girls Club, Young Republicans and Diamond Empowerment Fund for building schools in Africa. After his time on Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas, Nordgren was inspired to pursue his dedication for sports and charity and thereby established The Leadership Foundation in February of 2011. The foundation is an organization committed to giving back to non-profits whose purpose is to empower youth through sports and education. He recognizes the advantage that higher education can provide, opening doors for greater opportunities in life. Nordgren feels strongly that young people, regardless of their personal circumstances, should have the opportunity for a bright future and the chance to make a positive impact.